Great Homeschool Conventions
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Great Homeschool Conventions

Are you a Homeschool parent?  Are you considering making plans to attend the Great Homeschool Convention in 2020? Woohoo! You should totally do it, and here’s why.
  1. The Resources. This is the third year that Slugs & Bugs has presented at the Great Homeschool Convention, and I’m always blown away by the depth and breadth of the resources available to families. The GHC could easily be your one-stop-shop for all things Homeschool. In fact, it could easily be overwhelming, if not for the next reason.
  2. The Tone. In three years of conference attendance, I’ve never felt talked down to or judged for having a different approach. From the vendors to the speakers, there is a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual encouragement that pulses through the convention center, which is so important in the face of so many important choices. And the Speakers I’ve heard have always been encouraging and knowledgeable in their field.  And speaking of speakers…
  3. The Rabbit Room! For the third year in a row we are partnering with the Rabbit Room at the GHC, and for the uninitiated, the Rabbit Room is a can’t-miss resource for inspiring young readers. The Rabbit Room holds high the banner of creativity and artistry for families that encourage Godly imagination and wonder through storytelling and music. This year, I’m again joining the panel of Rabbit Room authors in a session built to help you encourage the young storytellers in your home.
  4. S.D. Smith! If you don’t know about the Green Ember series, you can thank me later. S.D. Smith has built an international following on the strength of his fantasy series featuring “Rabbits with Swords,” beginning with the best-selling, The Green Ember. This year, S.D. and I are joining forces in a speaking session that focuses on the creativity of family, and how we can learn from one another’s strengths as we "walk along the road" together.
  5. The Slugs & Bugs LIVE concert. If you’ve never been to a Slugs & Bugs concert, consider this your informal invitation to an evening where Silly Songs and Scripture Songs unite. We always have a great time combining worship with play and helping families cut loose after a long day of Homeschool Conventioning!
I hope to see you there!