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HUGE SALE on Sing the Bible Volume 2!

Now through Friday, April 22, buy 1 copy of Sing the Bible Volume 2, and get another one to share for just $6!  You don't need a code, just visit the Slugs and Bugs web store and you'll see it available there.  

You may have heard, I’ve been laid up with a grade 3 ligament sprain. You can read all about it here on the blog. We had to cancel or postpone a weekend of concerts (so sorry Canada, New York, and North Carolina), so to turn things around, and to celebrate our SIXTH birthday (April 22) we’ve created a HUGE $6 SALE for Sing the Bible Volume 2! That’s right - it’s our first ever sale on Sing the Bible Volume 2, and it’s a doozy. Buy 1, get another for just $6 more. (That's 57% off!)

We hope this will help spread the word about Sing the Bible Volume 2 to families that don’t know Slugs & Bugs (but need to!).