It's a New Silly Song Record.  Modern Kid!
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It's a New Silly Song Record. Modern Kid!

It’s 2020, screens are everywhere, families are busier than ever, and worry and anxiety are at an all-time high for children around the world. But Modern Kids need the same ancient things kids have always needed. In addition to love, friends, and freedom from harm, children need to laugh, and they need to sing.

We’re making a new record called Modern Kid to help kids laugh and sing. (Hopefully at the same time, because then they’ll start to hiccup, which is hilarious!)

That’s right! Our first silly-songs record in almost 10 years! Doug the Slug joins me on The Backwards Alphabet Song, and his best friend Sparky sings a song about pants.

There’s a song about the Pangolin (my new favorite animal), and how to tell if you are one.

There’s a song for dog-walking, for bed-making, there’s a ping-pong song and an ode to balloons. And a couple of songs that push back against ubiquitous technology, at least, to put it in it’s place.

 And, in one very significant way, Modern Kid will be like no record we’ve ever made. With unquestionably some of the silliest songs I’ve ever written, Modern Kid  is purposefully crafted for our dedicated fans to share with families outside of the church. There’s nothing overtly spiritual about any of these songs. Instead, it’s a fantastic introduction to the world of Slugs & Bugs, (where just inside the door, the music, the books and the TV show are all bubbling and simmering with the great good news of our Savior).

 My hope is that you are already thinking of a family you can give the music to, and my prayer is… that they’ll do what parents do when they find something their kids love. They’ll go find more Slugs & Bugs stuff, and the Light of the World will find his way into more homes and hearts as a result.

We have an exciting way for you to help us launch the new record, and get the music (plus other fun perks) for your family!  We’re doing a SLUGSTARTER campaign - kinda like a Kickstarter but not quite as public - and yes, we do need your help. Both for the cost production. And even more importantly - for your role in the mission of this record. You are essential to its success!

Think about the families you want to introduce Slugs & Bugs to. Then go to the SlugStarter tab on for more information.

Thank you. From me and the whole Slugs & Bugs team. We love you and appreciate you, and we can’t do any of this - without you.