Jesus and the Very Big Surprise (book)
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Jesus and the Very Big Surprise (book)

Two years ago, The Good Book Company (a publisher based in the UK) asked me to write a picture book as part of their  “Tales that Tell the Truth” series.  I’m very excited to share that Jesus and the Very Big Surprise is done and launching into the world on Feb. 1! 

Jesus is always full of surprises, and this book explores his endlessly surprising ways by focusing on the parable of the faithful servants - from Luke 12. I’m so honored to be a part of this great series, and I can’t wait for families to start reading Jesus and the Very Big Surprise! The three main reasons:

  1. It’s inspired by my favorite parable
  2. It’s about Jesus and the Gospel
  3. The Illustrations! I hoped the book would be beautiful and occasionally funny, and Catalina Echeverri made it so much more! A wonderfully gifted artist, she brings the story to life in a way that is more potent and wonderful than I dared to imagine.
The book releases February 1st, but you can pre-order here on the site or wherever books are sold.