Man, this parenting stuff is hard.
Randall Goodgame

Man, this parenting stuff is hard.

Just when you get a handle on one issue, they outgrow your solution and it backfires. And being quarantined has given me extra opportunities to get it wrong.


This morning, I remembered again what’s true about the Gospel, reading through Matthew, and sank deep and comfortably into the freedom we have in Christ to begin again.

I’m so glad I don’t need to be the perfect parent for my kids. What helps them more than parental perfection is modeling repentance and restoration. That’s the best I have to offer, along with loving their mom, loving them and keeping them safe.

Astoundingly, that’s the easy part. It’s the modeling repentance that’s hard because I come face to face with my weakness... where Gods power is made perfect.

That’s pretty sneaky, God... I see what You did there.

Love to all -