New Slugs & Bugs Books!
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New Slugs & Bugs Books!

Rum tum tum, everybody!
If you’ve been singing along with our Sing the Bible CDs or have watched The Slugs & Bugs Show, you probably know the SOERS, or, the Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society.  
I’m super excited to announce the arrival of SOERS books! "The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society” and "The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society: on Boasting,” follow Maggie and Morty Raccoon as they begin to leave their lives of "snatching and thieving” behind.
Illustrated by my brilliant friend Joe Sutfin (The Wingfeather Saga, Dr. Critchlore’s School for Minions), these books will stoke your child’s imagination with a glimpse into the wonderful, whimsical, underground world of reforming raccoons.
I had so much fun writing and rhyming these pages, helping Maggie and Morty navigate this brave new world of generosity and cheerful giving. As it turns out, old habits die hard. :-)
As you read together, I hope you find that the SOERS looks a lot like the Church. I love writing these books about the SOERS, because just like Morty and Maggie, I depend on my friends and mentors to help me see clearly and remember what is true. 
Love to all,