Our Struggle!
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Our Struggle!

Today is Election Day in the USA. Free and fair elections are extraordinarily rare in the history of humanity, and in this country, that privilege is still defended by stalwart and mostly trusted institutions. 

Voting matters, and I hope you voted.  And if I’m honest, I hope you voted the same way I did. There is (it seems) a lot on the line in this election, and I care deeply about the outcome. You probably do too, whoever you voted for. But, there are things I care more about. 

Passions are easy to follow. They can lead us to the voting booth, a picket line, a soup kitchen, a war zone… but passions are dangerous masters. They can also lead to rudeness, contempt, idolatry and hatred. And as a Christian, I specifically must not follow my passions. I must not even follow Jesus’s passions. I must only follow Jesus himself, lest I become the very thing I hate. 
My friend Jeremy Courtney (who lives in a war zone) said it well in an email this morning:
“Let us resist injustice, without becoming unjust. Let us resist hate, without becoming hateful ourselves… Let us give everything we have - our lives, if necessary - to wage peace. To reject violence. Te create a world where everyone rises.”
And my friend Pastor Glenda Sutton texted while I was typing this morning, ”We will not lean to our own understanding this day. In ALL of our ways, will will acknowledge God Almighty, and He will order our steps.”
Church, let’s cling to Jesus today and remain disciples. We must deny ourselves and take up our crosses whether our preferred candidate wins or loses. For "our struggle is not against flesh and blood,” and our true home is in heaven where He who sits upon the throne “is making all things new.”