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Sing the Bible Vol 2 - What Critics Are Saying

"Here it is, then: the recipe for great children's music. Start with a thoughtful and well-intentioned songwriter. There needs to be a heart behind the music. Add solid musical chops. Kids know quality too, and their parents will really appreciate a little diversity in song structure and instrumentation during the many repeated listenings ahead of them. Don't forget a dash of whimsy. Kids are drawn to silliness. And here's the most important ingredient: be constructive. Not preachy, necessarily, but one can hope that at the end of the 79th play count, the music has accomplished a bit of edification.  Read more..." - Mark D. Geil of 

As a parent, grandparent and minister of music whose ministry involves teaching chapel and a music program to many children each week, I am thrilled with Randall Goodgame’s SING THE BIBLE WITH SLUGS & BUGS Volume 2!  Read more... Rhonda Frye, A Front Row View