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Sing The Bible - VOLUME 2!

Back in 2012 my wife and I were homeschooling our kids. My ONE JOB was teaching Bible. Part of the class was supposed to be Scripture memorization, but I could never get the verses to stick with my kids... until I put the Scriptures to music. A simple melody made it easy and fun. That’s when “Sing the Bible” was born.

The next year, thanks to 591 amazing Slugs & Bugs fans, we Kickstarted Sing the Bible Volume 1, and ever since - the response from families around the world has been amazing. Very soon, folks started asking “when are you going to make the next one?” And now we've got an answer.  

At the end of July, I'm heading into the studio with producer Ben Shive to record Sing the Bible Volume 2. 

Just like the first Sing the Bible, Volume 2 will feature a CD filled with memorable, joyful word-for-word Scripture songs, held together by the artistry and good humor fans have come to expect from Slugs & Bugs. Some of the Scripture verses were suggested by fans, and some are from my personal study, but taken together, they find a common theme in their practical application. You could think of Sing the Bible Volume 2 as a musical handbook for the Christian life. 

Volume 1 drew heavily from the music of central and southern Africa. For Volume 2, I’ve been inspired by sounds native to the USA. We’ll feature a few special guests again (including my wife and 3 kids and everyone's favorite vampire), and I’m also focusing on keeping the songs playable and useful for family or corporate worship. Most of these new Scripture songs you can easily play on the guitar or piano, and if we reach our stretch goals we’re even going to provide instructional videos for how to play them!

Just like last time, we’re hoping to raise $40,000 on the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform. And just like last time, every penny will pay for 6 weeks of studio time with producer Ben Shive, the world class musicians that make Slugs & Bugs music come alive, the mixing and mastering sessions, plus Zach Franzen’s fantastic illustrations, the design and layout of the CD packaging, Kickstarter fees, and - if it’s anything like last time - the cost of printing and shipping thousands of new CDs to you and our supporters all over the world!

We have put the finishing touches on our Kickstarter project, and as soon as they approve it, it will go live! We will post the link here so you'll be able to read all about it very soon!  

From my family to you and yours, THANK YOU! We can't wait for you to hear these songs come to life in Sing the Bible Volume 2! 

~ Randall Goodgame, Founder, Slugs & Bugs Family Music