Songs from the Christmas Special
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Songs from the Christmas Special

Have you seen the new Slugs & Bugs Show Christmas Special yet? Since it’s about an hour long, we were able to weave a bunch of music into the story!

Here’s the song list for the special. All of the songs can be found on either “Sing the Bible Family Christmas” or “A Slugs & Bugs Christmas”.
Both albums are available on CD, Digital, and Streaming.

  • Joseph’s Dream (Sing the Bible Family Christmas)
  • Christmas Around the World (A Slugs & Bugs Christmas)
  • Building a Gingerbread House (A Slugs & Bugs Christmas)
  • When the Fullness of Time Had Come (Sing the Bible Family Christmas)
  • Mary’s Song (Sing the Bible Family Christmas)
  • The Camel Song (partial, from A Slugs & Bugs Christmas)
  • Joy to the World (A Slugs & Bugs Christmas)

One of the really fun parts of the Slugs & Bugs Show music sequences is getting to invite the friends that played on the original recordings. Buddy Greene and Jeff Taylor played on the original Gingerbread House recording, Ellie Holcomb sings on When The Fullness Of Time Had Come, and Andrew Peterson and Ron Block play on the original Joy To The World track. And they all are guests on the Christmas Special! 

I hope your family has a chance to gather and join us in the Workshop as we “Make Ready for Christmas” this year, and in the years to come!

Merry Christmas!