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Slugs & Bugs is making TWO NEW Sing the Bible CDs in 2017, with Scripture songs all about Jesus - His words, His life, and His mission.  Visit our Kickstarter page for details!

The response to our Sing the Bible CDs has been overwhelming, because...

1. Singing Scripture is probably the best way to get it to stick in your brain. 
2. Our Sing the Bible CDs make memorizing Scripture easy and surprisingly fun. 
3. There are many, many families that want the Bible to be the foundation of their home. 

They (you!) often ask for more songs to help remember God's Word, so with this Kickstarter campaign, we are getting ahead of the question.  With your help, we will make TWO CDs - Sing the Bible Volume 3 AND Sing the Bible Christmas at the same time. That's right. TWO CDs, all word-for-word Scripture, all about Jesus, BOTH to release later this year!