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What People Are Saying...

A special welcome to our many new followers from the Great Homeschool Conventions!  Here are some kind words shared by Laura G. who found Slugs & Bugs music for the first time at the Cincinnati event:

"I have a 3 kids, ages 12, 10 and 5. The only time we really listen to music in CD version is when we are in the car. At first my husband and the tweens were not so sure and kind of groaned when I'd put "children's" CDs in, but before you know it they were all singing along and admitting they loved the music. (How could you NOT?! 😊 )  My husband specializes in doing the monster and Count Dracula voices in the 10 Commandments.

Fast forward to this week. We drove down to southwest Florida (2 eight-hour days one way) and are now on our way back.  We have had difficulty finding Christian radio, so these Slugs and Bugs CDs have been played nearly continuously!! My 5 year old son is singing along with every song and has declared he LOVES Slugs and Bugs!  It warms my heart to hear him memorizing God's Word, and honestly, we are too right along with him. I have your music ringing through my head all the time now."