Sing the Gospel Collection (Digital Only)

Randall Goodgame presents SING THE GOSPEL - a Slugs & Bugs Collection

Our friends at The Good Book Company in the U.K. requested that we curate a collection of all the (non-Scripture) Slugs & Bugs songs that explore different aspects of the Gospel: adoption, transformation, forgiveness, joy and others... We took those songs, added 4 new songs and voila! SING THE GOSPEL — a Slugs & Bugs collection was born!



01. Home In Heaven Revelation 21

02. God Makes Messy Things Beautiful

03. I’m Adopted

04. God Made Me

05. Tell it to Jesus

06. You Hypocrite Matthew 7:3-5

07. The Wagon

08. Psalm 1 feat. Sally Lloyd-Jones

09. Stop

10. Jesus Loves Me

11. Joy To The World

12. And You Will Know Him

13. All Our Days Psalm 90:14

14. The Lord’s Prayer Book of Common Prayer version - Matthew 6:9-14