Adventures from the Workshop Books! 5 Book Collection

The workshop is an imaginative and wonder-filled space where kids and families are invited to join in with Slugs & Bugs characters Doug, Sparky, Morty and Maggie. Life in the workshop finds joy and delight in everyday experiences and everyone’s contributions in God’s big world.

These stories follow our characters through exciting hijinks inside and outside The Workshop, and will surely scratch the itch for all the kids (and parents) who can’t get enough of The Slugs & Bugs Show.

About the books

Key Features

- 5 Brand-new hardcover books and case with the characters from The Slugs & Bugs Show

- Beautifully-illustrated stories involving friendship, fairness, collaboration, silliness, and character.

- Models Biblical truth to kids ages 3 to 7

“Our hope is that these books provide an opportunity for families to return to the Workshop and experience stories that reflect the joy and truth we cling to in Christ.” Randall Goodgame

Here's what friends are saying about them!

"If you love all things Slugs & Bugs, then this 5 Book Collection is for you. The comic-book style, and character monologues are sure to captivate everyone in your household. Each book has a biblical application through the Word and allows your children to see how God's truths apply to every day life. Our family's new favorite book character, the praying'll have to read to find out more."

"Our children loved the books as they tie into the show. Their favor new character is the praying mantis!!! "

"The books in the Slugs & Bugs series have provided an enjoyable opportunity to connect with my sons and a way to walk together with them toward living out Biblical principles." 

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Do we need to have seen the videos to enjoy the books?

No these stories stand alone.  But, the stories in the books do connect to the episodes which are referenced on the last page along with a Bible verse and associated Slugs & Bugs songs.

Who wrote the books?

The books were written by Randall Goodgame, Jennifer Grafton, and Jonathan Rogers - our very talented writing team.

Are these books the same size as the other Slugs & Bugs books?

No, these are larger, 8 x 10" hard cover picture books.  The box is also a thick board box, not just a light wrapper.