The Slugs & Bugs Show (Season 2) 

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The Slugs & Bugs Show is back with new episodes! Join musician Randall Goodgame and friends as they embark on new adventures.

In “Justice for All” the characters discover injustice and work toward equity. With special guest Mika Edmondson

“Friends in the Journey” tells a fun story of a community coming together. With special guest Kevan Chandler


The Slugs & Bugs Show (Season 1)


It’s a great day for The Slugs & Bugs Show! Join musician Randall Goodgame, Doug the Slug, Sparky the Lightning Bug, Morty and Maggie Raccoon, and a slew of special guests inside the brand-new Slugs & Bugs Workshop. Imaginations are kindled, songs are sung, and hijinks are uncovered, along with timeless truths about life and faith. From a producer of VeggieTales, The Slugs & Bugs Show is delightful, quirky, hand-crafted fun for kids of all ages.


The Slugs & Bugs Show Christmas Special


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As Randall and friends prepare for Christmas, Maggie decides to expand the annual Sing-Along into a full-blown Christmas Eve pageant spectacular! Randall introduces everyone to the season of Advent, and Doug discovers something mysterious going on when chocolate chips go missing. Neighbor Scott Hamilton announces he's building a huge 12 Days of Christmas display, and Maggie finds herself called on to sacrifice more and more of her pageant dreams to help her friends. With so much activity and a dizzying carousel of friends stopping by, will Christmas end in disappointment or will the Workshop bunch embrace the invitation of the season and experience the true meaning of Christmas?

Special guests: Scott Hamilton, Andrew Peterson, Ellie Holcomb, Buddy Green, Jeff Taylor, Diana Beach Batarseh, and Ron Block.




"As a mom, I’m thankful for the example set by Randall Goodgame in this TV show. Not only does he dignify children by speaking the truth to them, but he’s also made a quality show from beginning to end. It’s clear from the content and method of the show that Goodgame believes the youngest among us are still worthy of our best efforts.” - The Gospel Coalition

"Not all shows are so careful as 'The Slugs & Bugs Show' in drawing out the practical, gritty ways that the Gospel of grace alone makes life in family and community possible." - The Rabbit Room

"This one time, I recorded a bunch of lullabies and silly songs with my good friend Randall Googame, then several years later got to drive onto a studio set on a tractor and hang out with puppets who were singing those same songs. Life be crazy. So excited for Randall and the Slugs & Bugs ministry." - Andrew Peterson

"New Christian ‘Slugs & Bugs Show’ models Mister Rogers, teaches kids to love Jesus." - Christian Post

⁣"We just had our family night and premiered the new slugs and bugs show. We have a toddler and a 1st grader.... we all loved it. It reached us all in the room with the silliness and reminders of truth. Thankful for this quality entertainment for our family. Thanks for shining bright! We give it a thumbs up. 3 episodes down and I think this may be on repeat in the coming days." -Becky Vasso


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About All 13-Episodes from Season 1


Silly Tractor (Ep. 1)

Maggie and Morty are gearing up for the Wilderness Olympics, but frustration sets in when Morty turns their serious training into silly games. Andrew Peterson rolls in to show off his new tractor and spin a new song into something silly, sending Maggie into a serious spiral. Will she learn to embrace her imagination? Approx. 21 minutes. 


Special Delivery (Ep. 2)

Randall’s friend sends a mysterious crate to the workshop, but it’s sealed up and will only open when the gang guesses what’s inside. To unravel the clues and reveal the secret, they’ll have to think outside the box. Fortunately, musician Buddy Greene stops by with a box of his own: a case full of harmonicas. Can everyone put their minds together and unpack this mystery? Approx. 21 minutes.


Let’s Collaborate! (Ep. 3)

Maggie offers to contribute her pictures to a story Doug is writing, but he prefers to work alone. Everything goes topsy-turvy, however, when Sparky and Morty accidentally mix all the pictures and pages together. When Randall’s friends, Ben Shive and Nickie Conley, arrive to collaborate on a song, the gang considers cooperating. Approx. 23 minutes.


Adopted Birthday (Ep. 4)

The Workshop is buzzing with activity as the gang plans a surprise party for Maggie and Morty. Musician, Jeff Taylor, and adoption advocate, JT Olson, stop by and join the fun. But when the surprise is sprung, Maggie is nowhere to be found. Why did she disappear? Approx. 23 minutes.


True Friendship (Ep. 5)

The gang creates, bakes, and makes mistakes. Maggie accidentally turns one of Sparky’s favorite comics into a craft, while Sparky unintentionally destroys Doug’s delicious pie. Musician and author, Ginny Owens, consoles Maggie and teaches everyone the truth that friendship requires forgiveness. Approx. 20 minutes.


Tasting a Feast (Ep. 6)

It’s a culture clash as Doug sings a song about food that inspires an international-themed tasting party in the Workshop. Randall invites plenty of friends, including pastor and author, CZ, who shares a favorite dish. But Sparky isn’t sure about all these strange flavors and decides he’d rather be alone. Will he open himself up to new experiences? Approx. 20 minutes.


Creativity (Ep. 7)

Originality is in the air as Morty prepares for an art competition. Author and Christian leader, Dr. Russell Moore, pays the Workshop a visit for help writing a silly song for his son’s birthday, while Morty wants to plagiarize Maggie’s previous project. Can Morty learn to lean in to his own gifts to create a masterpiece? Approx. 19 minutes.


Fair Cupcakes (Ep. 8)

The Workshop is in an uproar after Morty swipes a sweet treat left over from Amy’s cupcake club. When U.S. Federal Judge Rebecca Ebinger stops by, Maggie moves to take Morty to court. Who gets to decide what’s fair, and will Maggie get justice... or just icing? Approx. 19 minutes.


Showing Love (Ep. 9)

It’s the day of the show, y’all! The Workshop is hosting a big Talent Show Extravaganza, but Doug and Maggie aren’t feeling well. Sparky and Morty push for the show to go on, while musician, Jason Eskridge, creates a special concoction that always makes him feel better. Can the ill get well or will they have to cancel the performance? Approx. 22 minutes.


Misinterpretation (Ep. 10)

When Sparky and Doug start the show without Randall, they stumble across a scripture that sets Sparky’s imagination on fire. Author, Sally Lloyd-Jones, drops in for tea, but Sparky is convinced she’s an alien from outer space! Fortunately, Father Thomas helps Randall and Sparky make sense of this baffling bible verse. Approx. 20 minutes.


Afraid of Bears (Ep. 11)

It’s a camp-in campout at the Workshop! Randall’s friend Andrew Peterson pitches in on the fun, but after hearing some surprising sounds, Andrew reveals his biggest fear: bears. Maggie boasts that she isn’t afraid of anything, but what will happen when she encounters more mysterious growls? Approx. 20 minutes.


Never Alone (Ep. 12)

What do you do when you’re worried? Maggie and Morty are confronted with this question when they’re interrupted in the midst of making a model. Pastor Glenda Sutton arrives and encourages everyone with the truth that they are never alone. But where has Doug been all this time? Approx. 20 minutes.


A Song to Sing (Ep. 13)

Randall’s friends are putting on a surprise concert! Musicians, Andrew Osenga and Jeff Taylor, join Amy and the rest of the gang to show off some special songs. When the performance by Maggie, Morty, and Doug goes off the rails, Maggie is mortified. Andrew lifts her spirits with the story of his most mortifying performance, setting the stage for a fun, friend-filled finale. Approx. 20 minutes.



A groundbreaking new series designed to help children and parents grow together in Truth, navigating daily life through the lens of faith. Featuring the delightful hijinks of Goodgame and his co-stars—Doug the Slug, Sparky the Lightning Bug and Morty and Maggie Raccoon, along with Goodgame's wife Amy—The Slugs & Bugs Show is Gospel-centered fun for a new generation of families. Silly stories and memorable musical moments abound in each episode, as Goodgame and his merry gang of characters journey through life together, grounded in biblical principles.


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Are the episodes available from other retailers?

HD Digital is currently available from Vimeo, Vudu, and Amazon. The DVD is available on SlugsandBugs.Com, ChristianBook.Com, and Amazon.Com.

Will there be more episodes than the current 13 available?

We had a blast creating the 13 episodes of the Slugs & Bugs Show and are exploring creating additional Seasons and Episodes.

How can I stream or download the series?

The series can be streamed or downloaded in a variety of sizes and formats, up to HD. Click the link above, or visit this link to learn more: