Adventures from the Workshop and Beyond! 5-Book Collection (Book)

Join Doug the Slug, Sparky the Lightning Bug, Morty and Maggie Raccoon for a series of adventures from the workshop and beyond! Imaginations are kindled, hijinks are uncovered, along with timeless truths about life and faith. Delightful, whimsical, hand-crafted fun for kids of all ages.

All 5 books - 32-page 8 x 10" hard-cover picture books in a limited edition box.

Set includes:

The Great Jungle Pirate Adventure

Hark! It’s the Dread Pirate Maggie and Doug, her sluggish First Mate. Don’t look now... Admiral Sparky and Mortzan, Jungle Hero, are on your trail! Can the friends join forces to locate the famed Jewel of the Jungle? Imaginations are set to clash as the Slug & Bugs crew try to figure out how to play together in this swashbuckling, jungle-swinging pirate tale. Can the friends join forces to locate the famed Jewel of the Jungle? Inspired by the episode Let’s Collaborate from The Slugs & Bugs Show. 

Danger! Possum Dance?

You can’t go to the Big Possum Dance, Doug! Don’t you know anything about possums? I heard Oboe Possum makes slugs-and-bugs casseroles for breakfast! Will Doug and Sparky end up in a delicious casserole, or will they make friends with someone different from themselves? Inspired by the episode Tasting a Feast from The Slugs & Bugs Show 

The Tale of the Lost Lure

I’ve lost Chauncey’s lucky lure! He’ll never trust me again! And yikes, is that a lake monster chasing Doug around the pond? An unexpected turn rocks this friendship-filled fishing adventure. Will Morty’s troubles sink their ship? Or will they find that forgiveness comes to those who seek it? inspired by the episode True Friendship from The Slugs & Bugs Show. 

The Flight of Morty Raccoon

Sparky said flying is easy-peasy--the fun part is dodging all the space ships. But Morty discovers that inventing wings is hard and he could sure could use some inspiration . . . Morty’s friends put their creativity to work, but supplies are limited. Are the laws of physics a fair match for friends with imagination and scissors? Inspired by the episode Fair Cupcakes from The Slugs & Bugs Show. 

The Silliness Olympics

Training for the Wilderness Olympics is serious business! But seriously, how do you train for a silliness contest? You can’t be serious! Ladies and gentlemen, there has been a last-minute alteration. The final event of the Slugs & Bugs Sillympics will now be called . . . Who will forget themselves and be awarded the silliest champion? Inspired by episode Silly Tractor from The Slugs & Bugs Show.