SlugStarter Tier 8 – The Pigeon - $5,000 – Sing the Bible Vol. 4

Ten Sing the Bible Volume 4 CDs with one of them AUTOGRAPHED for you + Autographed Slugs & Bugs Show Official Poster + We Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs Magnet for your car or fridge! + Digital copy of the CD + Your family name included on an Exclusive S & B poster + Access to Q&A online event with Mr. Randall about the new album + access to special online concert of the new album + Digital song book that includes full piano and vocal music for all songs from the STB 4 album + invitation to premiere of The Slugs & Bugs Show Season 2 + 2 complete sets of Sing the Bible Vol. 1, 2 and 3 CDs + Digital copies of all 13 Shows from Season 1 of “The Slugs & Bugs Show” + a call from Mr. Randall to your family (so have your questions ready) + Mr. Randall and Miss Amy comes to your home/home town for a “Sing-along Breakfast with Slugs & Bugs”, U.S. contiguous states only + one of Mr. Randall’s bowties used in Season 2 Show with authentic certificate. + one of a kind Slugs & Bugs t-shirts for the entire family as an Lifetime Fan Club Member