The Slugs & Bugs Show: COMPLETE Bundle (9 DVD Set) - A $94.97 value!

Welcome to The Slugs & Bugs Show, where you’ll laugh along with Doug, Sparky, Maggie, Morty, and special guests while host Randall Goodgame finds ways to capture their quirky and faith-filled adventures in catchy songs. From a producer of VeggieTales, The Slugs & Bugs Show is delightful, hand-crafted fun for kids of all ages!

Season 1: 

Special Guests: Andrew Peterson, Ginny Owens, Sally Lloyd-Jones, Dr. Russel Moore and many more!

Total Running Time: Approx. 266 Mins. (includes 4 DVDs)

Make Ready For Christmas:

Special Guests: Scott Hamilton, Ellie Holcomb, Andrew Peterson, Buddy Green, Ron Block, Diana Batarseh and Jeff Taylor

Total Running Time: Approx. 55 Mins.

Season 2:

Special Guests: Ellie Holcomb, Propaganda, Andrew Peterson, Big Easy from the Harlem Globetrotters and many more!

Total Running Time: Approx. 291 Mins. (includes 4 DVDs)

Tech Specs: Dolby Digital and 5.1 channel, English Subtitles, Includes Widescreen Format

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