SlugStarter Tier 8: Live in Concert (Priceless!)

The whooooole enchilada! You get everything in Tier 5 plus a live in-person concert at your home or church with Randall Goodgame. (this level does require provision of rider requirements and some flexibility in scheduling. Travel within the continental U.S. is included.).

You'll receive

(1) The digital download of the full Modern Kid album weeks before its official release.

(2) Two Modern Kid CDs with sing-along booklet, one for you and one to giveaway!

(3) Chord charts for all songs on the new album.

(4) Limited edition 5" magnet featuring Doug and Sparky.

(5) CD of Sing the Gospel

(6) CD of Under Where?

(7) DVD #1 of The Slugs & Bugs Show, Silly Tractor.

(8) Three more Modern Kid CDs (Autographed!)

(9) Slugs & Bugs 8 CD library

(10) Cameo video message from Doug the Slug!

(11) Randall Goodgame Slugs & Bugs Live concert!