Introducing the 5-Book Collection!
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Introducing the 5-Book Collection!

The verdict is in! Families love The Slugs & Bugs Show! And now, in partnership with RightNow Media and Brentwood Studios, we are excited to announce a line of new picture books that build on the themes from our first Season. Introducing “Adventures from the Workshop and Beyond!” A 5-book Collection of fun-filled adventures with Doug, Sparky, Morty, and Maggie.

These all-new stories pick up where the episodes leave off, and whimsically navigate through themes like friendship, silliness, and creativity. (If you haven't seen the episodes yet, don't worry, we don't give away any surprises and you'll still love the books)

Our hope is that these books provide an opportunity for families to return to the Workshop and experience stories that - like Slugs & Bugs music - reflect the joy and truth we cling to in Christ. 

 With peace for today and bright hope for tomorrow, 


 PS—to learn more about these books visit this page.