Modern Kid, High-Tech and JRR Tolkien
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Modern Kid, High-Tech and JRR Tolkien

When our oldest (Livi) was 11, she broke her wrist at a friend’s house. As Livi waited for us, sniffling and wiping away tears, her friend sat nearby and played a game on her iPhone. When we arrived and picked up our injured daughter, Livi’s friend never looked up from the screen.

That moment left a mark, and helped shape Livi into an admirable, considerate user of technology. And it inspired a couple of songs that wound up on this new Modern Kid record.

Though their little developing brains are confronted with more challenges than ever before, kids today are essentially the same as they’ve always been. They need someone that loves them, they need friends, and they need to play (preferably outside as much as possible). 

Of course, high tech is here to stay, and it’s benefits are legendary. I’m typing this email on a MacBook, for crying out loud. But we help kids when we point them to the things that matter most, and we do that by keeping our own behavior and habits in check. They look to us for how to tie shoes, how to eat healthy, how to pray, and how to ride a bike. They are also looking to us for how to consume, and how to live alongside ubiquitous high-tech.

In the Lord of the Rings books, the character Tom Bombadil is unaffected by the ring of power. When he slips it on, Tom does not disappear. It’s a simple metaphor, but essentially, Tom Bombadil kept the power of the ring in perspective. He didn’t fear it, and he wasn’t tempted by its empty promises. He had some fun with it, and then went on with the rest of his day, which included lots and LOTS of singing.

Let’s all be like Tom. 

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